Your clock purchase is protected by a 12 month limited warranty.  Keep your receipt as proof of purchase and contact us if your clock has a suspected defect.


Issue: 12:08 is constant on my display.

Solution: Peel off the protective sticker that covers the clock lens in transit.


Issue: Alarm volume is not high enough for me.

Solution: Return the product to the store if you do not like the alarm. If you need a loud alarm, seek an alarm clock that features a loud alarm feature or a Loud/Soft alarm volume option. These features are usually prominent on the packaging.


Issue: The colon between the Hour and the Minutes is constantly flashing.

Solution: The flashing colon shows you that the clock is receiving power and operational. It will remain on.


Issue: I can’t operate the alarm feature on my clock radio.

Solution: The clock radios have an indicator light on the time display.  The indicator shows whether the clock alarm is set to Radio, Buzz or is off (no light). Press the alarm button until you see the indicator light in the desired position.


Issue: My atomic clock hasn’t set.

Solution: In most areas, a signal can be received at night. If the clock doesn’t receive the WWVB Atomic signal immediately, wait overnight and it will be set in the morning.


Issue:  Why isn’t AM showing on my plug-in digital clock?

Solution: Our clocks have PM indicators. If the PM indicator light is on, that means you have your clock set to PM. If the PM indicator isn’t on then you have it set to AM. Please be mindful of this when setting your alarm.


Issue: What is the difference between AM and PM on a digital clock?

Solution: You can tell the difference between AM and PM through the PM indicator. If the PM indicator light is on, then your clock set to PM. If it is set for AM, the PM light will not be lit.


Issue: What is the difference between AM and PM on an analog clock (a clock with hands)?

Solution: Unlike digital clocks, analog clocks do not tell the difference between AM and PM. When setting your alarm, we suggest setting it before you go to bed. For example, if you set your 8 o’clock alarm at 1pm, the alarm will sound at 8pm. Setting the alarm before you go to bed or in this example after 8pm.


Issue: How long do watch repairs take?

Solution: Our watch repairs take 2-3 weeks. Please be mindful of this repair time when sending in your watches.


Issue: How do I set my analog alarm?

Solution: With analog clocks, there are four hands; the hour, minute, seconds and alarm. The alarm hand is red and will not move unless it is manually moved. By moving the alarm dial you can set your alarm. If you wish to wake up at 7:30, we suggest placing the hand in between the 7 and 8.


Issue: What can charge on the charging ports?

Solution: Some of our clocks have USB charge ports. Please be aware that these charge ports are ONLY meant to charge phones. DO NOT charge tablets or computers as it will damage the clock and void your warranty.


Issue: Why does my clock have two alarms?

Solution: Some of our clocks have Alarm 1 and Alarm 2; this is for two people on a multiple alarm schedule. If you do not want to use this feature on your clock, do not set the second alarm and it will not go off. Also, setting both alarms at the same time will not make the alarm louder.


Issue:  Why doesn’t my clock work with the backup battery?

Solution: The backup battery is in case of power outages. Please note that the time WILL NOT appear on the clock. The battery backup will hold the time and alarm settings until the power returns. Depending on the length of the power outage, the time should be checked and adjusted accordingly.


Issue: Why won’t my sensor connect to the clock?

Solution: If you have a clock that comes with a remote transmitter, please make sure that both the clock and the transmitter are on the same channel. They need to both be on the same channel in order for the outdoor temperature to appear on the clock. The channels in the sensor will be in the battery compartment, so you have to remove the cabinet door in order to adjust the channel.


Issue: May I purchase a clock or watch directly from MZ Berger?

Solution: Our products are sold through retailers.


Issue: Where can I find the model number of the clock?

Solution: You can find the model number in several places. If you still have the packaging, please look on the bottom of the box. If you have the booklet it came with, you may find it in the warranty section. If you only have the clock, then it will either be on the back or bottom. Please note that the engraving on the clock will be small.


  • Sensors are available for purchase for current models.  Email Customer Service Clocks at  to enquire.
  • For more instruction manuals, please contact us by email at   Please provide a model number or picture of the clock.  Model numbers begin with prefix SPC or NLC.