Your clock purchase is protected by a 12 month limited warranty.  Keep your receipt as proof of purchase and contact us if your clock has a suspected defect.


Issue: 12:08 is constant on my display.

Solution: Peel off the protective sticker that covers the clock lens in transit.


Issue: Alarm volume is not high enough for me.

Solution: Return the product to the store if you do not like the alarm. If you need a loud alarm, seek an alarm clock that features a loud alarm feature or a Loud/Soft alarm volume option. These features are usually prominent on the packaging.


Issue: The colon between the Hour and the Minutes is constantly flashing.

Solution: The flashing colon shows you that the clock is receiving power and operational. It will remain on.


Issue: I can’t operate the alarm feature on my clock radio.

Solution: The clock radios have an indicator light on the time display.  The indicator shows whether the clock alarm is set to Radio, Buzz or is off (no light). Press the alarm button until you see the indicator light in the desired position.


Issue: My atomic clock hasn’t set.

Solution: In most areas, a signal can be received at night. If the clock doesn’t receive the WWVB Atomic signal immediately, wait overnight and it will be set in the morning.